Saturday, November 24, 2012

True Relief

It has been awhile again. Sometimes life just gets in the way of getting things such as this done.

It's been a rocky road since my last post but I am happy to report that the road has now smoothed considerably. I told you about my processors shutting off on their own but over the past couple of months it has gotten worse. It got to the point that I didn't know if or when any of them would work and a couple of days I had to go to work with only one ear. It was getting a bit scary waiting for my appointment with my audie but the wait was necessary so a rep from the manufacturer could be there. So I went Wednesday a bundle of nerves fearing my implants were failing. Why do we always consider the worst? I guess so we can be pleased when it is not that bad. It turns out (or so they think) that even though my audie set the "power" on high my processor was trying to over ride that to save my battery life. So now I have 3 manually set programs for power. If it shuts off again I am to go up to the next program. They both assured me that if by chance I got to the last program and it still shuts off, there is more they can do.

Work has been challenging but I am loving it. We have had several "issues" at work to deal with but I have a wonderful boss and he is always telling me that I am doing a great job. He even told me last week that I better not ever get sick. LOL I worked 16 days straight without a day off so having 5 days off for the holiday has been wonderful. It's hard to believe it's only Saturday! It's been a lazy holiday for me... catching up on sleep, heck I didn't even get dressed for 2 days. I must get busy and get some things done today. Making lots of plans now. I am going to see my mom and sister for Christmas and planning on moving after the first of the year. It's time...