Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Counting The Days Once Again

I can actually start counting the days until surgery. Wow! This has been a VERY long journey and I am so glad to finally know it is going to happen. I am putting in a lot of over time at work or this would probably be more but exhaustion is coming into play here. Along with that the tinnitus is roaring away. At times the "commentators" in my head are trying to get louder than the roar, it is quite a battle. I worry it will get worse after surgery. I'm not sure I will deal well with that. I hope I can handle it. 28 days to go...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Starting To Sink In

Wow.. it IS actually going to happen! I have a date. I am one month away from surgery and 2 months away from activation. I think now is a time to explain a bit on how this all works.

First of all, everyone is different so there are no guarantees. The right way to go into this is with expectations low but hopes high. I think I have that covered. The way I see it is, I will have sound. It may not be perfect but then again it might. Anything I gain will be a plus!

Next step is surgery. There are plenty of complications that could happen just like with any surgery but I see that as a way to the prize. If by chance things don't go as planned, I am confident that I will still be happy with my decision to do this. The surgery itself takes about 2 hours normally. I posted a video of the surgery in one of my first posts if anyone cares to see it. It is an out-patient surgery that does not usually require a stay at a hospital. Most people do well with this surgery with only minimal discomfort.

Recovery time does vary from person to person. There will be about a 2" incision behind my ear. I will wear a tight bandage for the first 2 days and am told that is when things get better. Once the bandage is off, I can shower, wash my hair (with caution) and start to feel human again. LOL Once the surgery is done and implant in place, we have to wait for it to heal and swelling to go down before activation.

Activation time varies from surgeon to surgeon. My surgeon says 4 weeks. Some people have been activated in as little as a week but that is not the norm.... yet. I don't have my schedule yet so I don't have an exact date for activation but this will be the day I hear my first sounds. Then the work begins.

There is no way to tell what I will hear come activation day. I could start off hearing well and understanding some things but I may only hear "beeps" when there is noise. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means I have to work harder. Having a cochlear implant is a whole new way of hearing. My brain may not be able to recognize that. I will have to teach my brain what it is hearing. In time, things will become better, little by little.

I'm not sure which path my journey will take me. I have survived the past two years so I know I can handle whichever way this goes. Anything will be better than the silence I now live in. We shall find out in two months!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have a surgery date!!!! December 27th! I am so ready! :-)

Maybe Not?

I don't understand why this has to be so difficult! All it takes is one fax. My counselor said she would do it Monday. I emailed her Tuesday morning to see if it was done and she replies "I plan to do it today!" Still nothing. I don't understand why she keeps lying to me. If it is going to be 6 months from now say so. Don't tell me everyday for the next 6 months it will be tomorrow!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Well, here it is weeks after meeting my surgeon and I still do not have a surgery date. Hopefully this will change next week... hopefully. I made the drive to my counselors office today. Another unscheduled visit. She was there and I got into see her right away. It took her a bit to find my file. We then discussed that nothing had been done (whatever that means) and she said she would contact the CI center to see what they needed. I was doubtful when I left there but late today I got an email from her. She said that she had just got off the phone with them and has the codes they need. She will have it processed on Monday and fax it to them. I had also emailed the CI center when I got home with my counselors name and phone number so maybe it was them that called. Doesn't matter really, I covered both bases and it got done. I will not wait until Wednesday as she suggested in her email. Tuesday morning I will be emailing the CI center to see if they got it. Wish me luck! I sure need all I can get!