Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally Figuring Things Out.... I Think! :-)

Well, it was another trip to Tampa yesterday and I must say it was a great day! My audie (God bless her!) explained a lot of things to me which really helped me understand. I won't bore you with all the details that you probably don't care to read anyway but trust me, it was a great day. I went in the dreaded booth for the first time since my activation. I have always hated that dang booth because I always fail so miserably. The last time I was in there was right before surgery and I got a whopping 0%. I was expecting simple sentences which is what I usually got but not this time. It was quite a mixture. Both male and female voices, talking fast, saying long sentences! The first one shocked me and I only caught the last word then I was paying more attention. LOL I ended up with 69% and I am thrilled with what I have achieved so far. Things are only going to get better!

When I got done with the audie, I had to wait to see the surgeon for the last time.... maybe? No, everything is great with my implant, I have no problems there. He is ready to do my other ear! My insurance goes into effect on April 1st. He says I need NO testing, all I need to do is set up a pre-op appointment and set a surgery date! I am going bilateral!! He actually wanted me to do that yesterday but I decided to wait. I want to see what my out of pocket expense is going to be first and be ready for that. What was so neat is I heard my surgeon's voice for the first time and I understood everything he said! I can't begin to tell you how much that means.

It's almost been 2 months since my activation. It feels so good to think about how far I have come in that short time. At work is where I can tell the most changes. I work in a noisy factory. Lots of machinery etc. I really thought all that noise would bother me but I am happy that I like hearing everything, noise and all. When I was first activated, there were lots of things I could not hear at work. It was amazing to me that I could hear quieter things like a foot peddle but the loud alarms I did not hear at all. I could not hear the PA system or the break bells that ring. Little by little things are added everyday. I can now hear the break bells and the PA system. First I just could tell someone was saying something on the PA system, then I was understanding words here and there. I find myself understanding more and more everyday. It is incredible how this works!

Being able to communicate with people again.... there are no words to describe this. A lady that wrote a book about her experience with hearing loss said it was like being in solitary confinement, the worse punishment for criminals. That is SO true! I have really been given my life back...

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  1. Oh-Cris- I am SOOOO happy for you! I just can't believe how well this has gone for you...and you can HEAR! I'll bet you are really excited to get the other ear done. I wondered how soon after the first surgery they would do it. Faster than I thought!

    Keep in to you-lots going on here so I was glad to hear from you-xo Diana