Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life Is Good!

I have really neglected my blog lately. Sorry about that but life has got in the way and that is a good thing. I finally have my life back and could not be happier about that!

As for my hearing since my last post, I stayed on that third program with the last electrode turned off. That program sounded the best so I still did not get to try Clear Voice high. That was ok because my hearing is improving. Two weeks ago, I had to go back to visit my audie. I was having a problem with my processors shutting off and on multiple times during the day. I had tried changing out everything I could trying to find the problem but nothing worked. It turns out I need more power which she fixed for me. While I was there she put me back in the booth to see what I could hear and then remapped me again. As she said, I am getting closer! It's obvious I have not heard high pitch sounds for a very long time. These are the sounds that I am having the most problems with. Just can't take them up there where they need to be. She did the same thing with my programs this time, raising those highs and giving me CV medium on one, CV high on two and the third program she turned off a second electrode. Many people worry about having electrodes turned off but that is nothing to worry about. It is not that you won't hear those pitches, the electrode next to it will pick those up.

So on the way home, I did the same checking out my new programs and found the same results. Program three sounded the best. I guess since I have not heard those high pitches for so long, each time she raises them she may have to turn off the highest electrode. I'm not sure if that will continue but I do know sounds are clearer and getting much better. I now know why they tell you to have lots of patience! This does take time to get all the settings just right but I am so close now. Some day I am going to get to try CV high! My next appointment is is Nov. and after this one it should be 6 months before I need to return. I am hoping things are set up good this next time and I can go 6 months without having to go to Tampa!

On a more personal level, I am finally getting my life back! This has been gradual and hearing at first brought so much of my life back that I can't describe how wonderful that was. But now things are getting so much better I feel like shouting from the roof tops! The past 5 years my job has been just that... a job. A means to live. I worked hard everyday but got no recognition for that. I was overlooked many times because I was deaf. Don't get me wrong, I was thankful just to have a job and be able to take care of myself but I am capable of so much more and never given the opportunity. I have recently gotten a promotion at work!! I LOVE my new job and after 5 years have gotten my first raise! :-) My new boss is awesome and sees how hard I work to get things done. Finally!! I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am going for it at full speed. Nothing is going to stop me now!

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