Sunday, April 10, 2011


Did I spell that right? LOL
This is something I have not spoken about to anyone. I'm not even sure why. When it started, I didn't know this is what it was. Now I do. It started about the time my last hearing aid failed me and there was nothing else they could do. I remember going to see my audiologist trying to get some clarity out of my hearing aid. I had only one as my other ear died on me the year before.  Sitting in her quiet office, I kept hearing a roar. I asked about a noisy A/C unit or something else making a roar and she said the air was on and she could hear it. But to me this was really loud. It was so loud that if I were able to hear her talking it would have been drowned out by the roar. I questioned it no more but then it stayed once I left.

I never know when it will decide to come visit or even what type of noise I will hear in my head. I have not yet had voices in my head telling me to do strange things though. LOL Lots of times it's a roar which is very annoying. Sometimes louder than others. I have had a few nights where it would not let me sleep. Not fun! Sometimes it is a piercing "tone" for lack of a better word.

I sometimes too have what I think to be "phantom sounds". This mainly happens while watching television. There is no sound because I live alone and don't know how loud it would be for one thing. It's not necessary and I use closed caption. So I know what is being said and sometimes it "sounds" like I am hearing their voices. Seriously! Don't get out the white jackets and I have no idea if what I "think" I am hearing is really how it sounds.

From everything I've read everyone is different so there are no guarantees. With a lot of people tinnitus goes away while wearing the CI. I am hopeful this is the case for me.

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  1. Ld- This is something my husband has off and on. He got it when he had an acoustic nueroma on his inner ear. Once that was operated on the hearing nerve was gone but what remained was the "whistling" -as he describes it. I have had an occassional ringng in my years so can only imagine how annoying it must be to have it a lot of the time. I am hopeful this happens fast for you! xxoo Diana