Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, it's been awhile since I have posted. Geeze, almost 2 months!

I had my last appointment which was for a psychological evaluation! LOL I haven't seen anyone carrying a white coat for me yet so maybe I'm safe. This was a very strange appointment though. Everyone from the Hearing Journey had told me it was not a big deal. They just want to make sure you don't think the surgery is an instant "fix". I went into this appointment thinking, "no big deal, I KNOW what to expect and have even watched the surgery". So I go in and am handed a book to fill out. I was asked to describe my childhood and the whole bit! Well, I left that blank thinking this didn't pertain to me. LMAO I filled in most of the rest and waited. Once I was called back, I go into an office with a guy that has a face FULL of hair! Have you ever tried to lipread someone with a face full of hair? Have you even ever tried to lipread? LOL So he says "something" and I just look at him dumbfounded. I had no clue. I tell him I am deaf so he holds up a finger and shuffles through some papers. Comes out with a letter from my counselor that says I am hard of hearing but do well face to face. LMAO My counselor THINKS I do well because I have no problems lipreading her! He starts looking through the book I filled out and I mention to him that I didn't fill in my childhood because I didn't think he needed that. So he says tell me about it then. OMG! I was there for 3 HOURS! He gave me another book that had about 500 statements in it and I had to say if they were true or false pertaining to me. Very long day!

My counselor says she has sent off the paperwork. She says it will be about 2 weeks before she gets an answer yes or no if I am approved. I say "she says" because it took me 5 months for her to set up this last appointment that she said she would do ASAP. LOL The US is still waiting for FDA approval so AB can get back to business. AB is back over seas and even in Canada now so it should be any time now. No one knows for sure. Can't predict the FDA.

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  1. See-He could have just contacted a few of us Milers and we would have told him you were no more nuts than we were! Oh-wait...you might NEVER get the operation then! xo Diana