Friday, August 19, 2011

Have I Reached The Top Of My Climb?

Here it's been another 2 months since I have posted...

The past 2 months have been difficult to say the least. My counselor has given me the run around since the beginning and that hasn't changed. Monday she sent me 2 emails. I opened the first to find out that my CI has finally been approved by Tallahassee!! Whoooo Hooooo I am in shock. I quickly email her thanking her for letting me know and how relieved I am. Then I open the second email. This one says "sorry my mistake, it was approved by the medical consultant and now goes to Tallahassee". What a let down! She did however email it to Tallahassee instead of snail mail and today.... yes today I got an email from her saying "This is REAL! It's been approved!"

Now I'm almost scared to believe this until I see it in writing. LOL My wait is not over however. I still have to wait for this recall to be settled with the FDA and then have to wait my turn on the waiting list. I have emailed my audie and told her I have been approved and asked her to get me on that waiting list. I am hoping she will tell me how long this list is but don't know.

There are so many emotions going through me now it's hard to describe! I have so many hopes that this will give me my life back but then I wonder if it is possible. For over a year now I have been slipping further and further into isolation. It's not where I want to be but it is easier to deal with. Can I actually pull myself out of this pit? For now, I'm going to try to think of the positives and pray this will work for me!

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