Friday, September 30, 2011

Counting The Days

I just want a date.... a surgery date that is. :-)
Tomorrow is October first, finally the month I will/should get that date. I am hoping to be activated by Christmas. Now wouldn't THAT just be the best Christmas ever? As I said hoping but not expecting. Surely I will at least have surgery by then. I do know people that are seeing the same surgeon and their wait is not that long but who knows by the time I go what it will be. There are others I know that have to wait 3 months before their surgery. Waiting has not been easy but I should be a pro at this by now! (the waiting that is)

As we say in the CI world, keep expectations low but hopes high. There are no guarantees. It is amazing to me that today's technology can make a deaf person hear. Who would have ever thought this could be possible? At this point, being completely deaf, if I hear anything at all come activation day it will be nothing short of a miracle. Chances are that I will do well but I am trying hard not to think that way. I want to do well of course but I don't want to expect it and be disappointed.

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