Saturday, October 15, 2011

One Week And A Half Before I Meet My Surgeon!

The following is a post I made in a group I am in and I feel it is worth repeating...

 "This has been a very tough battle for me the past couple of years. I would never have made it this far without my family and friends. This has all but taken my life from me and I so much want it back! I am getting closer and I can't begin to express how excited I am! Thanks to all of you for being here for me."

Tomorrow I am heading to Orlando for the BEA meeting. This should be an exciting meeting since it is the first one since the recall was lifted AND we have new technology coming out soon. There should be lots of good info as well as meeting several others I have talked to online that are in the same situation. I am nervous of course because I still don't deal well being around people but I know they ALL understand. Keep telling yourself that Cris...

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