Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Counting The Days Once Again

I can actually start counting the days until surgery. Wow! This has been a VERY long journey and I am so glad to finally know it is going to happen. I am putting in a lot of over time at work or this would probably be more but exhaustion is coming into play here. Along with that the tinnitus is roaring away. At times the "commentators" in my head are trying to get louder than the roar, it is quite a battle. I worry it will get worse after surgery. I'm not sure I will deal well with that. I hope I can handle it. 28 days to go...


  1. Cris, it's Joe from HJ. I know it's hard with the roaring. Were you aware the current belief is that it's due to the brain trying to create noise in the absence of sound that your ears normally would be bringing to the brain? Of course, it could get worse *right after* surgery, but only due to the shaking up going on in there. Once you're healed up, it may subside, but even more like to subside after activation. Hang in there! 24 more days til surgery. :)

  2. Hi Joe and THANKS! That makes sense to me and that is what I want to believe. Glad you stopped by. :-)