Friday, November 18, 2011


Well, here it is weeks after meeting my surgeon and I still do not have a surgery date. Hopefully this will change next week... hopefully. I made the drive to my counselors office today. Another unscheduled visit. She was there and I got into see her right away. It took her a bit to find my file. We then discussed that nothing had been done (whatever that means) and she said she would contact the CI center to see what they needed. I was doubtful when I left there but late today I got an email from her. She said that she had just got off the phone with them and has the codes they need. She will have it processed on Monday and fax it to them. I had also emailed the CI center when I got home with my counselors name and phone number so maybe it was them that called. Doesn't matter really, I covered both bases and it got done. I will not wait until Wednesday as she suggested in her email. Tuesday morning I will be emailing the CI center to see if they got it. Wish me luck! I sure need all I can get!

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  1. I am wishing you luck AND saying a prayer for you! I can't believe all that you have gone through for this~ xo Diana