Wednesday, May 23, 2012

24 Hours Post-op

I am still under the influence of drugs so any typos will just have to be overlooked as well as anything crazy I might say. LOL

My day started about 2:15AM yesterday. A shower and head wash with hibiclens and out the door by 3AM. An early morning but so worth it to not fight traffic and be back home a little after lunch. Everything went really well at the hospital (as far as I know). It's now official, I am bilaterally bionic! Now that I have two computers in my head, I wonder if I will become smarter? LOL (no need to answer that!)

I have had some nausea but not nearly as bad as last time. I am still a little off balance but not too bad and make sure I am holding on to something whenever I get up so I don't fall. I am not going to rush things this time to get back to work. I hope to go back next week but will just have to wait to see how I am doing. The "pressure bandage" is not tight like so many have complained about. I guess I got lucky both times because mine is loose. It will still feel much better when I can remove it tomorrow. Tinnitus was bad right after surgery but again not as bad as the first time. By the time I left the hospital, it was down to a dull roar. Today that is better so far, just comes and goes a bit but not too bad. I have a little bit of jaw pain but it is tolerable. I am going to spend another lazy day today, just in and out of bed all day. Tomorrow should be a better day to remove the bandage and shower! That will be the turn around day I do believe! More to come...

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  1. Good Morning. I just popped in to tell you I read this and will be back later to "catch up". So glad the surgery went well. I am on the way out my door to a morning class-LOVE YOU, KIDDO! xo Diana