Friday, May 4, 2012

Back On Track

I had a very exciting and interesting day. First of all I got a letter last week from the insurance company saying I was denied on my second surgery because it wasn't medically necessary. Not to worry I am told, this is standard procedure. One simple HINT test (hearing in noise test) will prove that it is. Ok, off to Tampa I go today to get this test done. My audie is not there on Friday's so I saw someone else. With just my implant and no noise I scored 40%. To be approved, I have to be below 50% so there was no need to test in noise. This surgery will happen and they tell me there will not be a problem getting it before my surgery date of 5/22.

I think I mentioned my last test I scored 69% so this tells you just how bad my mapping (programming) was. While setting up for the test, the audie today asked about a few things so I began to tell her I was not happy with how things were going. I know I am new to this but still I know when it is not right. We finished the testing and my new audie took me in the room, got my file and reprogrammed my processor just like I asked her to. It sounds SO much better! I LOVE my new audie! She has the knowledge but is willing to listen to me about what I like/don't like or what I hear/don't hear. She even set up a music program for me which has improved music 100%! Did I mention I really love my new audie?

Eighteen days until surgery! WOW! I waited so long for the first one that it doesn't seem possible I am doing it again so soon. I am very excited and know two ears will be so much better than one. I had no real problems with the first surgery but.... (there is always a but). I am nervous this time! Pre-surgery jitters are normal but I wasn't at all nervous the first time.

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