Monday, October 31, 2011


The emotional roller coaster I am on sucks! I'm trying hard to be nice here but I can't think of a nicer word that actually describes it. The past couple of days I have been encouraged and really feeling good for a change. I try hard to take care of things myself. It's really hard to do when your only means of communication is email and the receiver doesn't respond.

I was a bit disappointed at the results of my appointment with my surgeon last week. I had hoped to get a surgery date. That was not to be but I still kept trying to get things done. This MRI is suppose to be the only thing standing in my way. It is scheduled for Friday morning. I have to travel 100 miles one way each time so I was trying to get to see the scheduler (for surgery) while I was there.

I went to their website so I could email them. I am really thankful that they will communicate with me this way. Of course you have to register first. In order to register you have to be able to use a phone. LOL So on to plan "B".... or is it "W" OR "X" by now? I emailed a person that has the same doctor and lo and behold, she gave me the scheduler's email address! I immediately emailed her so I was hoping today she would have answered and even possibly set something up by email. She did respond but this is what she had to say...

"WE will need to obtain authorization from Vocational Rehab first. I am also trying to work with AB to see how we can get a device for you if they do not deal with your insurance. This is all going to take some time!  I will keep you up to date and you are more than welcome to check in with me."

Hmm.. the only "!" in the whole email is with this sentence, "This is all going to take some time!". How depressing! It just never ends.....

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