Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Neptune... this is the name of the sound processor I will be getting. I am very excited about it for many reasons. This processor is not a BTE (behind the ear) processor. It is what is called a BWP (body worn processor). I really think this will be the best option for me because I was never comfortable with my old hearing aids. I wore them of course so I could hear but it was not comfortable. It is not a vanity thing at all. I would strap bullhorns on my head if it meant I could hear! LOL

Technology has come a long way. This processor is the size of a tube of lipstick! There will be lots of options as to where I can wear it. This is powered by one AAA battery. You can use disposable or rechargeable batteries. This is a great option! There will be no worry of "do I have the charger with me?" I will always be able to hear. Another great feature this baby has is it is water PROOF! I can go swimming and still be able to hear! This is the only processor that offers that.

This processor was just approved by the FDA last week. Maybe this is the reason my journey has taken so long. I do believe things happen for a reason so maybe this is it. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get this one but my audie says I can. I am happy! 21 days to go.....


  1. OMGOSH..I am soo praying for you! God bless you, Kris! Love to you- xo Diana

  2. Thank you Diana! I can certainly use all the prayers I can get!