Friday, January 27, 2012


Activation was yesterday and was so much more than I ever dreamed possible.

My SIL and I arrived a little early and I was so nervous. Once we were called back and my audi got everything all hooked up she first had to set the tones for a comfortable level. That was strange. She had to raise it quite a bit before I ever heard anything. When I started hearing the tones, they didn't sound like tones at all! It sounded like 2 ducks quacking. This made me laugh but I was also wondering, "is this what I am going to hear?". She said she was going to turn it on and then asked "how does that sound?" which brought the tears. Not only could I hear her voice, I knew what she said! Bring out the box of kleenex! She made a few clicks on the computer and we talked a bit. I heard and understood everything perfectly. My voice was very loud and her voice was soft. She says this will settle down which it has some. I will be back in more detail but for now..... I'm tired. I am working tomorrow so calling it a night early.


  1. Hi! Before I was switched on I was more concerned about the possibility of the internal implant failing. But, when activated I too laughed as my voice sounded like beeps but that quickly went away and now, 4 months down the line voices seem 'normal'. Good luck.