Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 9

I guess this is not as easy as I thought. *sigh*
I really felt pretty good. Not much ear pain although some swelling and is tender but that is expected. I've had no balance issues or dizziness. No jaw pain or nausea and all my food tastes just fine. Ok, I do understand I just had surgery. The surgeon said it was ok to return to work if I felt up to it and I did. It didn't take too long to find out that I am not ready yet. Here is how it all happened...

On Tuesday I returned to work. I have to wear safety glasses and that was a problem. I had thought about this briefly (I should have thought about it more) and got some moleskin to pad the incision wear my glasses would hit. After trying multiple things, I gave up after 4 hours deciding there was no way I was wearing those glasses. Too much swelling and way too tight. When I got home I got busy trying to come up with an option. I did find one and it worked. I worked 8 hours on Wednesday. I was very tired at the end of my day but I was expecting that. So we get to today. I woke up this morning with a lot of pressure around my eyes. Getting ready for work I noticed that I am developing 2 black eyes! Now, bruising of the face/neck area is normal after this type of surgery but I have had none until today, 9 days post-op. That seems a little strange to me. I worked 2 hours before I gave it up for the last time. I am taking next week off. I did email my surgeon 9 hours ago and have gotten no response so I assume I am ok. I have an appointment with him next Friday the 13th and will see what he says then.

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