Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 6 Post-Op

To sum things up so far...
Day 1 and 2 were painful and I got little sleep. Day 3 and 4 were better as I was able to take Advil and slept a lot both days. Day 5, I actually put clothes on instead of PJ's and went to my brother and SIL's for dinner. I took no Advil this day and felt good but tired. Today day 6, I woke up with pain in the ear again. I have been planning on returning to work tomorrow but now I am second guessing that. The pain is easing up so perhaps it was because I was lying flatter than I should.

I have learned a lot this time around. I hope to be able to do this again for my left ear and if/when I do things will be a bit different. I did have one of the best surgeon's in the country doing this procedure and I am thankful for that BUT if he refuses to listen to me then I will have no choice but to go elsewhere. I do not blame him for his "tight rope" on pain pills but I am not the average bear here. I will not go through the first couple of days again without pain meds I need. There is another top notch surgeon in Miami so I may be heading there for the second one. We shall see.

I also learned to tell the hospital the day of surgery what not to give me for pain after the procedure. I am thankful the syringe was labeled and I saw it or it would have been much worse. All in all this procedure was not too bad but I think the next could be better.

I am going to drive for the first time today. Just a short trip but I need to see how it goes before I attempt work for 8 hours.

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  1. I am happy for you, Kris. It sounds like it was worth all the effort and pain. I will be anxious to see how you are doing in another week or so. Love to you and best wishes for your New Year. xo Diana