Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Week Back At Work

I made it! LOL There are two problems with working. One is I have to wear safety glasses. The other is my energy level is not where it needs to be. The RX safety glasses I normally wear are out of the question. With the swelling (which is getting much better) I can not handle having the "arm" of glasses on my right side. So, what I have done is, I am wearing my regular glasses that I have removed that arm and putting generic wrap around safety glasses over them. These are light weight plastic and bend easy so no pressure. I also had to get a strap to hold them on! Sorry, no pictures! LOL This is a busy time at work and everyone is working 12 hour days. No way can I do that! I did get them to put in my note to return to work with 8 hour days max. The funny/sad part is all this week I have been in bed before the others have been done working. It has been exhausting. By 6pm I can't go anymore so I am real curious as to how next week will go. I did email the nurse and ask if I could get a note for next week but I got no response. I have really been discouraged by the lack of response from this CI center. They know email is my only means of communication with them but still I get no response.

Next week is activation. Yes, I am very nervous! I have no idea if I will hear voices or just beeps but I do know I will have sound again. I am so hoping I have made the right choices because there is no changing things now. 5 days to go....


  1. I am so excited for you, Kris! And nervous..and anxious. I am sorry that you are still feeling so tired. I know they don't tell you this but it takes a LONG time for the anesthesia to wear out of your body...especially when they have done surgical head procedures. Did they tell you that? Because it is such delicate work they put you under DEEP so that there is no nerve-jerk responsse. There is no way to get that out of your system other than it has to seep out. You can't expel it through the kidneys or bowels. Did they tell you that you might have joint pains as it works out..they fill with "gas" and can really hurt...almost like arthritis. It can take several months for that to all seep out. It is not dangerous...just uncomfortable.

    God bless. Do what you can, as you can...xo Diana

  2. Thanks for the info Diana. No of course they didn't tell me. I did know it took awhile but didn't know it could last that long. You are not the only one that is excited, nervous and anxious! I am becoming a mess not knowing what is going to happen on Thursday. All the "what if's" are hitting me.

  3. I've been thinking about you! Work has been crazy busy on my side. I haven't had much time to log into the computer, let alone think about surgery, but I need to make a trip to HJ and the calming perspective that it offers! When is your activation?

  4. Hi Kim.... tomorrow!
    Best of luck to you in your upcoming surgery! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.