Saturday, January 14, 2012

Post-Op Visit Yesterday

My post-op visit went well. They tested my implant and all 16 electrodes are working so that is great news! I am healing nicely but still have some swelling which is to be expected. This is the reason we have to wait 4 weeks before being activated. The neatest thing was to actually get to see the Neptune! OMG it is so small, I was shocked. The pictures do not do it justice. I will be going to another BEA meeting tomorrow which will be all about the Neptune. I can't wait! There are so many choices to make. Colors, cable lengths etc. and it is so hard to decide without knowing what you might like better. So many places I can wear this so I need to get the right cable lengths for where I will wear it but I don't know. I am hoping that tomorrow's meeting will answer some of those questions for me.

I am really getting nervous about activation now. I have no idea what I will hear when they turn it on. My hopes are so high and I am trying hard to keep my expectations low but that is so hard to do. Hearing anything will definitely be a blessing but I am worried if it all sounds like mush, how will I handle wearing this and listening to that. 12 days to go until I find out.

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