Friday, December 16, 2011

11 Days Until Surgery!!.... almost 10 now :-)

I only have 3 more days to work! I will be so glad when those days are done because work has been really stressful. I got an email today from the surgery coordinator saying my pre-op has been rescheduled. I will go Wednesday at 8am and since it is in Tampa, I will have to take that day off work and leave home at 5am. LOL Wednesday will be the perfect day to do this though. I can make it through two days then get a break and only have one more day to do. I will make it! The good thing too is we are off work the week of my surgery so I may not miss any work if I do well with surgery. I just have to wait and see. I am so looking forward to having this done that I don't think I will get nervous at all about surgery. My surgeon is one of the best in the country so I know I am in good hands there.

My nerves will come into play when it is time for activation. That is the moment of truth. Will I hit the jackpot as so many have that I know? Or will it be a ways down the road before I can make sense of what I am hearing? There is no way to predict the outcome. Everyone is different. I am willing to work however hard I have to to make this work for me but will that be enough? We shall find out the end of January.

I got the sweetest gift in the mail last week. A total surprise. There is a lady that is local (Orlando) that I have been talking to online. She is a month ahead of me in getting a CI and she will be activated next week. We have talked a bit and she offered to send me a few things I would need for surgery since she is seeing the same surgeon I am. This consisted of pre surgery body wash, RX ointment for the wound and nausea pills in case I need them. That in itself was very sweet of her. Low and behold when the package arrived there was more. She also included a beautiful Christmas card, a dry/erase board to take to the hospital and the most comfy PJ's you have ever worn! This package brought tears to my eyes. Once I am activated, we are going to have to meet for lunch sometime to see if we can hear each other. This will be great fun!

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