Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Surgery Day

It is all over and what a day it was!

My first disappointment was when I arrived at the hospital at 5am. I was told that my surgery would be at 9:30 not 7:30. I was not nervous at all and if I could have gone at 7:30 I don't think I would have. But around 8:30 it was getting the best of me. I asked if I could have something to calm me down and was told yes but that didn't happen until they were wheeling me in for surgery. The next thing I remember is the anesthesiologist (however that is spelled) waved goodbye to me. Nap time! I was in for a rough start when I woke up. I have mentioned tinnitus before. I have seen many refer to "freight train" tinnitus before and I thought I knew what that was. Holy cow! There are no words to describe how bad this is. The nurse gave me something for that and also something for pain. I looked over and saw what she gave me and wanted to cry. The only time I know of taking this, I threw up all night. NOT GOOD! I tell the nurse and she gives me something for that. Nausea was bad but I managed not to throw up so I am thankful for that. I have had no dizziness, vertigo or balance issues at all.

Now we have the pain. This is an area that really upsets me. I NEVER get what I need because doctors do not listen to patients when it comes to pain meds. On my first visit with my surgeon, I had the conversation with him about the problems I have with pain meds. He asked what worked for me and I told him. He said he would write that so I was happy. So on my pre-op visit last week I brought in an old RX (over a year old) to show him because the mg. makes a difference. Mine were stronger than he was going to write so he told me just to take what I have. I questioned this because they were expired not to mention I only had 6 pills. He said it would be fine. Ok.... NOT!

I took one after leaving the hospital for the 2 hour ride home. It did nothing. Once we got home, my sister-in-law got on the phone. She was told to have me take 2 of what was not working. LOL I sometimes wish doctors had to deal with this end of things. I bet 99% would have a different attitude. I do understand their need to "control" pain meds but you would think my having an old RX with pills left would tell him I will not abuse them.I actually thought this doctor would listen to me but I guess he falls into that category with the rest.

I am better this morning. I ended up taking someone elses RX. Not something I wanted to do but I needed rest. I got some rest and the pain is better albeit 3am. LOL I am going to see if I can make it today without pain meds.

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