Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

48 hours from now I will be in surgery. Wow! This REALLY is going to happen! I am not nervous about the surgery, just as I thought. I am however becoming more and more anxious. Not about the surgery but instead about the outcome once it is activated. I am rested now, having a few days off. Not working gives me lots of time to think.. not always a good thing! LOL

There was a sign I saw on facebook a week or so ago that I also posted there. This is what it said..
Dear Past: Thank you for your lessons
Dear Future: I'm ready
Dear God: Thank you for another chance
This really hit home with me. I hope to take this chance and run with it.

I must have been good this year! Christmas was very nice and I was so surprised at all the acts of kindness. I bought myself a Kindle. I have never owned any of the electronic gadgets but this purchase is to help me with rehab. I absolutely love this little thing! Confusing at first but once I got it all straight, it is something I should have already had. Who knew? I do read a lot and this will sure be nice compared to having a book in tow. It will also read to me which is where rehab comes in. I can follow along with text to try to understand what I am hearing. I also got a gift card, basket of baked goodies, a candle and some PJ's.

As you can see, I am rambling! Jumping from one thing to another, I probably shouldn't be posting. I decided to go ahead so years from now I can look back and see where I was. Anxious, anxious! I think that best describes what I am feeling. Tomorrow I will see that everything is done before surgery. Cleaning, laundry etc. I had the arm from my glasses removed so I can see after surgery. I have my neck pillow, dry/erase board and comfy clothes all together. I have stocked up on soups, yogurts etc. I can't think of anything else I need to do but I am sure there is something!

We are not getting a room in Tampa so Tuesday morning I will be leaving the house at 3am, at the hospital by 5:15 and surgery at 7:30. I am glad it will be an early day. By lunchtime we should be heading for home. :-)


  1. I am saying a prayer for you for Tuesday! God bless you and make sure to post as soon as you can. Love you, girl! xo Diana

  2. Thank you Diana! I most certainly will post when I can. Love you too!